Bishops Knoll dog walk

Bishops Knoll Bristol dog walk
Bishops Knoll is a hidden garden and woodland from the 19th Century. Overgrown with ivy, bamboo and laurel, this magical site is slowly being uncovered.

Our Bishops Knoll dog walk begins at the entrance in the Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve. It takes us through a small section of “old woodland” and over the lane from Bramble Drive into Bishops Knoll Arboretum.

Bishops Knoll entrace from Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve
Bishops Knoll entrance from Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve

Bishops Knoll Woodland Trust sign
Bishops Knoll Woodland Trust sign

Stoke Bishop woodland
Start of the woodland walk adventure ?

Dog walking in the woods
Eager to explore

Bishop Knoll woodland
Crossing a lane from Bramble Drive

Arboretum and Terraced Gardens

The woodland and arboretum contain a mixture of exotic and ancient trees. The largest tree here is the Monterey cypress in the arboretum, while possibly the oldest is a pollarded oak planted over 700 years ago as a boundary marker.

Ancient Bristol trees.
Picking up sticks

Dog looking back from woods.
Follow me ?

The original house on this site was used as a First World War hospital for Australian soldiers and later as a hostel and school for nurses. There are laminated signs with old photos dotted around the woodland.

Old photos of scenes when the woods were a temporary hospital for Commonwealth soliders during World War I.
Scenes from when the woods were a garden of a hospital for Commonwealth soldiers during World War I

Dog running along woodland paths.
Walking along the terrace

The woodland, gardens and terraces are slowly being restored by the Woodland Trust and volunteers Friends of Bishops Knoll Wood.

German Shepherd exploring the woods.
Restored woodland terraced gardens

German Shepherd walking up Bishop Knoll woodland stairs.
Cleo loves racing up and down the wooden steps

Volunteer aid detachment nurses working at Bishop Knoll in 1916
Nurses working in the gardens

German Sheperd dog on the lookout in Bristol woods.
Lookout spot

The walk can easily be extended further to White’s Paddock and Bennett’s Patch (home of the wicker whales ?).

Bishop Knoll gate to woodland
Entrance gate from Bennett’s Patch and White’s Paddock

Dog walking in Bishops Knoll, Bristol woodland
Exploring the woodland paths for the last time today

Woodland Trust photo of volunteers planting up the former wood pasture at Bishops Knoll 1986
A Woodland Trust photo from more recent times

German Shepherd dog at Bishops Knoll dog walk in Bristol
Happy dog ?

Well-used paths allow a wide network of walks, with many interesting features to look out for and views across the gorge to Leigh Woods.

The Bishops Knoll dog walk is definately one of my favourite walks for both solo and group walks. There is so much for the dogs to explore, different scents, sticks, paths to run up and down. It’s a lot of fun and very entertaining for them.

Contact us if you would like your dog to join us on a walk like this one. You can follow our dog walking adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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