Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve Dog Walk

This steep sided valley offers grassland, woodland, rare flower meadows and a lake complete with ducks and moorhens. The land belongs to BCC and the Friends of Sneed Park help them maintain this lovely piece of calm and tranquility.

Our Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve dog walk begins at the Glenavon Park entrance.  The path slopes steeply down towards woodland and grassland.  

Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve leaflet
Welcome leaflet

Old Sneed Park nature reserve Bristol sign map
Map of the Nature Reserve

The oldest trees in the park are the oaks which where here when the area was a deer park and are about three hundered years old. In the spring the woodland floor has carpets of lesser celandine, bluebells and wild garlic.

Stoke Bishop Woods Old Sneed Park
Entrance to the woods

The lake is on the left and home to mallard ducks, moorhens and many other small birds and creatures.  There is a fence around the lake and once you go through the gate dogs should be kept on leads.

Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve Lake with ducks
Old Sneed Park lake

Ducks on Bristol lake.
The lake is home to a variety of wildlife

Bridge over Bristol lake
Bridge next to the lake

Dog at Bristol nature reserve lake looking at ducks
Cleo taking an interest in the ducks

You can read more about the history of the nature reserve on the Friends of Old Sneed Park website.

Friends of Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve 2019
There are various signs showing the friends at work
Friends of Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve
The friends work in all weathers to to keep in park in good order

The meadow may look like just any grassy field but many of the grasses and plants here are no longer present in modern hay meadows which have been treated with fertiliser and herbicides. Cleo loves running through the recently cut grass.

Dog running at Bristol nature reserve
Cleo enjoying the grassland

German Shepherd at Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve
Plenty of space to meet new doggy friends

Dog running on grass Stoke Bishop Bristol
The end of our Old Sneed Park walk

Old Sneed Park is one of our favouite solo and group dog walks and we often extend the walk into Bishops Knoll. Contact us for more information.

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