Solo Dog Walks Bristol

From £20

Our Bristol solo dog walks are available from 6am to 10pm every day.  During our consultation we hand craft a plan specifically for your dog. Popular plans are exercise focused and training. We use only positive reward based training and like to implement any training that is being undertaken by you.

Solo walk packages:

  • 30 minute solo walk £20
  • 60 minute solo walk £25

Solo walks are great for dogs with special requirements or when you require a walker outside our group walk times.  Solo walks are also a good introduction for the dog before progressing onto a Group Walks.

Contact us for more information.


Your dog will be collected from their home and either walked to the local park or safely transported in our vehicle.


Your dog will enjoy a minimum 1 hour walk and we will follow the agreed plan from our consultation.


Your dog will be provided with a refreshing bowl of water, towel cleaned and dropped home for a much needed nap.

Some of our favourite solo walks

The Downs solo dog walking

The Downs

The Downs comprises of Clifton Down and Durdham Down.

It is one of the largest green expanses in the city with a mixture of open spaces and woodland.  Perfect for dog walking, a game of fetch and practising training commands. Part of the woodland is known as The Gully and there is a small herd of goats that were introduced to help restore the wildflower-rich grassland by controlling scrub. Ensure dogs are on a lead if you venture into this area.

Abbots Pool Bristol solo dog walking

Abbots Pool

A secluded woodland walk with a variety of flat, hilly and paved paths. The large pool was part of a series of pools used by medieval monks developed for the medieval practice of farming for fish. Abbots Pool is a great walk for dogs any time of year, but in the summer dogs love to get their paws wet in the small pools and the woodland provides shelter from the sun.

Read more about Abbots Pool in this blog post.

Blaise Castle estate solo dog walking

Blaise Castle Estate

Extensive grounds and mix of terrain provide a fabulous walk for dogs.  We walk through the woodlands for the interesting scents and along the stream which dogs enjoy splashing in. There are five main walks to enjoy: