Troopers Hill Bristol dog walk with Dave

Troopers Hill overlooks the city of Bristol and beyond. The Hill contains an interesting mix of history, wild plants and animals. A distinctive chimney dominates the hillside.

Our Troopers Hill Bristol dog walk is with Dave, a handsome three year old Labrador Retriever.

We start from the Troopers Hill road entrance. It is a short and reasonably steep walk to the top of the hill. The views here are amazing and it is also a great spot to watch the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

Troopers Hill Bristol dog walk
Views from the top of Troopers Hill

View from Troopers Hill

Chimney on Troopers Hill
Chimney standing on top of Troopers Hill

The hill is dominated by its distinctive chimney, an old relic of the copper industry.

Dave explores the top of the hill and meets a couple of other dogs. It is then a short and flat walk along the top of the hill to Troopers field. Troopers field is great for dogs to run around. There is also a play area for children that is fenced off.

Troopers Field view
View from Troopers Field

Troopers field Bristol
Dave on Troopers Field

Troopers Field playground
Troopers Field play area

We then take one of the numerous entrances to the woodland area.

Dog walking trail through Bristol woodland
Woodland Trail

Woodland BS5
Troopers Hill woodland

Troopers Hill and the woodland contain an interesting mix of history, wild plants and animals. Some of the animals that call the area home include, deer, foxes and badgers.

Dog running on Troopers Hill
Making our way back to the top of the hill

Dog running up to the Chimney on top of the hill in Bristol
Almost there!

Troopers Hill view from the other side
Made it back to the top

Dave had a great time! The different types of terrains make it interesting for dogs. They can play ball on the field, pick up sticks in the woods and experience different scents from the plants and wildlife.

The Troopers Hill Bristol dog walk can be extended down to Crews Hole and along the River Avon.

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Friends of Troopers Hill.

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