Paradise Bottom Bristol dog walk

Paradise Bottom was designed by landscape gardener Humphry Repton in the 18th Century. It was a picturesque pleasure garden created to impress guests and lead to a vista of the river Avon. The gardens have been restored by the Forestry Commission.

Paradise Bottom main path.
The path to Paradise Bottom

Our Paradise Bottom Bristol dog walk begins by following the path down the valley. The woodland paths provide access to a varied forest scenery, including a Giant Redwood and Fulham Oak. Many of these exotic tree plantings were imported in the 1860’s.

Giant Redwood in Paradise Bottom, Bristol
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum Wellingtonia in Leigh Woods, Bristol
Some of the trees have a name tag

We continue down to a large pool of water. There is a waterfall and streams leading to smaller pools. The streams eventually join the Avon. Read more here about the Paradise Bottom stone dock and how it was used to facilitate the building of Leigh Court.

Dog in Paradise Bottom pool.
Dogs love taking a dip in the large pool

Dog with stick in water at Paradise Bottom in Bristol.
Plenty of sticks to play with
Waterfall at Paradise Bottom, Bristol.

In spring there is a colourful display of bluebells and ramsons. There are many interesting scents for a dog to sniff.

Logs over stream at Leigh Woods
Crossing over a stream

Dog walking along path at Paradise Bottom in Bristol
Walking through the woods

Wet, muddy and happy dog at Leigh Woods in Bristol.
A wet, muddy and happy dog.

Paradise Bottom is one of our favourite Bristol dog walks, especially in the summer when the dogs enjoy the shade and paddle in the pools. We can easily make the walk longer by picking up the path that goes into the rest of Leigh Woods.

Paradise Bottom is situated on the north side of Leigh Woods. There is a car park on site. **June 2020 update** The onsite car park is now closed. You will need to use the main Leigh Woods car park and walk to Paradise Bottom.

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