King’s Wood to Crook Peak Dog Walk

We take a ridge walk along the Mendip Way to Crook Peak, one of the most distinctive features of the Somerset landscape. 

Our Crook Peak dog walk starts from the King’s Wood car park. The weather is nice and sunny with a breeze.

Crook Peak Walk
King’s Wood

From the car park it is straight through the ancient woodland, which is steadily uphill. The wood supports a wide variety of birds and insects, and range of fungi, ferns, mosses and lichens. Cleo uses this opportunity to explore and sniff around.

We emerge out in the open. Here you can see the walk in front of you and up to Wavering Down.

Crook Peak dog walk
Ascending Wavering Down

Continuing forward, past Hill Farm on the right, I put Cleo on the lead at this point until we reach the top and we can see our path to Crook Peak, because there are often horses and cows grazing. The hill is quite steep and the path uneven.

Wavering Down trig point
Wavering Down

Wavering Down

On arrival at the top, there is a viewpoint on the left. We are 211 metres above sea level which is the highest point on the walk. Looking straight ahead and you can see Crook Peak for the first time in the distance and much of your path ahead to reach it. I spot horses grazing in the distance.

Cleo has some water and we proceed onwards, passing the horses.

Horse on Wavering Down
Horse on Wavering Down

The way is clear from animals so I let Cleo off the lead. People on top of a hill on my left are flying model aeroplanes. We descend slightly and then up to Compton Hill and through a junction of paths. Eventually we will go down the path to my left but we are now at the final ascent to Crook Peak straight ahead. We make our way up.

Crook Peak

We reach the peak and enjoy the far-reaching views from the summit. The scenery is stunning, surrounded by the Somerset countryside, including Cheddar reservoir, Brean Down, Bleadon Hill, the Bristol Channel and the South Wales coast. There are birds soaring above and two model aeroplanes gliding over the valley.

Dog on Crook Peak Mendip Hills
View from Crook Peak
Crook Peak dog walking
Cleo on Crook Peak

Cleo has some water and treats then we begin the descent down to the junction of paths and turn right towards Compton Bishop village in the valley below.

Crook Peak dog Mendip Hills
The descent

A black lab comes running up to us and Cleo plays with him for a short time. Now Cleo is on the lead again and we walk along a narrow path into a wooded area with farmland on the left.

Our path is blocked by cows lying down so we can’t get by. Eventually they move, clearing the path for us. Emerging from the woods there is a layby parking space, turn left down the road and take the first left into the village.

Compton Bishop Village

St Andrew's Church Compton Bishop
St Andrews Church, Compton Bishop

We browse the village briefly, looking at the church and then continue the walk onto the path to Bourton Farm and through a farm access track. From here you can either walk through the woods or straight ahead which will eventually loop back up to the hills. We go back up to the hill to Wavering Down.

Horses Grazing Wavering Down
Horses grazing on Wavering Down

By now, the horses have made their way to the trig point. Walking back down the hill takes us to King’s Wood. Cleo knows the walk is coming to an end and makes the most of it by exploring the woods one last time before we then reach the cark park. Crook Peak dog walk complete!

There are various walks you can do by following the different paths. So you can make each trip slightly different or switch it up depending on ability. Our walk was 7.17 miles. See the map below for our walking track and for a more detailed view use the drop down menu and select satellite mode and zoom in.

I highly recommend this walk, especially with dogs. This is an Outdoor Paws favourite walk on our Weekend Adventure days where we hike and play stimulating games. Contact us for more information.

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