Puppy Adventure with Otis at Mina Road Park Bristol

Bristol puppy walks
Our Bristol puppy visits aim to create a vaired, positive, safe and enjoyable experience for the puppy. Part of this process can be achieved through taking the puppy to the local park.

Otis is a 3 month old Cockapoo. We have been providing puppy visits at his home twice a day and he has recently started to go on little adventures in his neighbourhood.

Our puppy adventure today with Otis is at Mina Road Park in Bristol. You can read more about Mina Road Park in this blog post from when we visited with Jasper.

As we walk down the road to the park, his tail is wagging confidently. It’s a slightly damp day but this doesn’t faze Otis!

Bristol puppy walks
Otis the Cockapoo
Bristol Puppy visits
The puppy adventure begins

Cockapoo puppy at Mina Road Park Bristol
Otis is excited about his adventure

Mina Road Park is very popular with dogs so it doesn’t take long for us to run into one. A young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is out for a walk and the owner is happy for the two dogs to meet. Otis is quick to greet his new friend. They are a perfect match and start to play together.

Mina Road Park St Werburghs Bristol
Meeting new doggy friends

Puppies playing at St Werburghs park
Doggy play time

Dogs at Bristol park
Time for a break

Once they finish playing it’s time to explore the park! Otis enjoys sniffing the different scents and is curious about the small river running through the park.

Puppy adventures in Bristol
Exploring the Mina Road Park

Otis the Cockapoo
Puppy eyes

Cute puppy
Reflecting on his fun adventure

The puppy adventure was about 20 minutes and Otis had an amazing time. He enjoyed socialising with other dogs and exploring the park.

We take Otis home, clean his paws, fill his water bowl up and give him a little treat. He settles down and is ready for an afternoon nap. We say goodbye and leave him with his toy bunny ?.

You can find out more about our puppy services here. You can follow our dog walking adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Mina Road Park Bristol Puppy Walk with Jasper

Bristol puppy visits St Werburghs Park
Mina Road Park is a typical Victorian park located in St Werburghs. We visit with puppy Jasper and have fun exploring and making new doggy friends.

Jasper is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and almost 4 months old. We have been providing puppy visits for a couple of months and recently we have started to take him out for short walks. Mina Road Park is one of his favourite places to visit.

Mina Road Park

Bristol puppy visits St Werburghs Park
Jasper is excited to start his walk

Mina Park Road is very community focused and popular with families, sunbathers, local workers on their break and dog walkers.  There are various activities and festivals held in the park, like Picnic in the Park which is organised by The St Werburghs Centre.

There is a large central grassed area which is great for dogs to run around on and play. It’s very clean and tidy and the grass is cut regularly.

We are off to explore Mina Road Park

Mature trees line the paths with benches to relax on and watch your dog play with their doggy friends. On our visit today Jasper has met a Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer.

The walls around the park have colourful graffiti and street art.

Bristol Graffiti by Stinkfish
Street art by Stinkfish
Mina Road Park, Bristol
Bridge over Horfield Brook

The park has a river running through it, Horfield Brook.  There are viewing platforms, planting and decorative bridges.  It’s a nice place for a dog to paddle but on this occasion Jasper is happy just observing the running water.

Staffy puppy Mina Road Park Bristol
Taking a break in the shade

Staffy St Werbughs park
Jasper finds the water interesting but isn’t ready for a paddle

Mina Park Road bridge
Mina Road Park view over the bridge

Other facilities at the park include a playground, basketball court and exotic cast-iron urinal.

Puppy meeting other dogs in Bristol park
Meeting new friends
Staffordshire Bull Terrier in St Werburghs park
Doggy watching
Staffy puppy in Bristol
The end of our Mina Road Park puppy walk

We had a nice time at Mina Road Park, it’s very sociable and Jasper loved meeting and playing with the other dogs. 

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