Durdham Down Bristol group dog walk

Pug dog walk in Bristol

Pug dog walk in Bristol
The Downs consists of Clifton Down and Durdham Down, bordering Clifton and Redland areas of Bristol.  They represent a large area of parkland for the public to enjoy.  It is one of our favourite dog walking destinations in Bristol.

Peggy, Darcy, Cleo and Donny joined us on our Durdham Down Bristol group dog walk today. After a morning of showers the sun emerges from behind the clouds, which makes Peggy and Darcy happy because they don’t like the rain but love sunbathing!

Our walk takes us round Durdham Down and past the water tower and Café Retreat, an independent cafe that has dog friendly outdoor seating. It is reasonably busy here this afternoon with dog walkers, joggers and a group of people enjoying a barbecue. We find a quiet spot under some trees offering us shade if the dogs require it.

By now the dogs are excited to play ball games. Donny has set the game rules early on, he must get first dibs on any ball chuck. The others all agree. Peggy and Darcy finish their afternoon fun with a relaxing sunbathe and we all have some water before going home.

The Durdham Down group dog walk is just one of many of our walks available. We have packages to suit all types of dogs, from puppies to seasoned veterans and every dog in between. Contact us for more information on our Bristol group dog walks.

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Group dog walk in Bristol
The doggy group

Pug and Staffy on Durdham Downs
Darcy and Peggy
Dogs playing on Durdham Downs Bristol
Donny and Cleo like to play together
Durdham Down Bristol dog playing ball
Dog playing ball on Durdham Down Bristol
Playing ball games
Dogs sniffing Durdham Down Bristol
What’s going on here?
Yorkshire Terrier Bristol dog walk
Pug Bristol dog walk
Can I have a treat please?
Dogs playing ball on Durdham Down Clifton Bristol
Peggy takes a break from the games
Yorkshire Terrier dog ball game Bristol dog walk
Dog sunbathing Bristol dog walk
Time for one last sunbathe before going home
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